Yoga classes for all abilities

“Just as when the waves lash at the shore, the rocks suffer no damage but are sculpted and eroded into beautiful shapes so our characters can be molded and our rough edges worn smooth by changes.   Through weathering changes we can learn how to develop a gentle yet unshakeable composure.  Our confidence in ourselves grows, and becomes so much greater that goodness and compassion begin naturally to radiate out from us and bring joy to others”.       Sogyal Rinpoch

We are all unique and each bring to yoga our own sculpted and beautiful shape set out by our individual journeys through life.  Yoga brings us the ability to mould those shapes into a way that overcomes the obstacles we encounter, enabling us to see joy in everything around us.
 Namaste ♥
                                      Friendly, mindful yoga classes suitable for everyone


Belinda is a brillant teacher , her classes are safe thanks to her excellent knowledge of anatomy , fun thanks to her sense of humour and are suitable to all levels. Whether you are looking to increase your flexibility , improve your strength and stamina or just want to be in the hands of a safe teacher , I would highly recommended Belinda , she has inspired me and helped me to grow as a yogi for many years. Philippe L.

Belinda is an exceptional yoga teacher; her knowledge and enthusiasm for her craft is wonderful and every conversation we have, I feel I am learning something new. Do check out her classes. Joanna F

Belinda is an inspirational yoga teacher and as other have stated has adapted so well in the situation we find ourselves in. Currently, she continues to provide her students with weekly classes online which not only help focus and calm the body and mind but continue to connect her yoga community. Julia H

I am loving being able to join in Belinda’s zoom classes. Belinda is a fabulous knowledgeable attentive and very correct teacher. I would recommend you join her either on zoom or in the hall when she is able to return, you won’t regret it. NS

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